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Farewell to Cricket
Don Bradman's own story of his playing days. Sir Donald Bradman made his international debut seventy years ago, for NSW against the MCC. Here is The Don's own account of his entire playing career, published to mark his 89th birthday, with a selection of historic photographs and a complete record of his scores from 1927 to 1949.
It is a remarkable book, and by virtue of its range, penetration and authority must rank as one of the classics of the game.
H.S. Altham
Written with urbane good humour, precise and descriptive.
Michael Page, Bradman
$ 19.95

The Art of Cricket
Almost 40 years ago when first produced, The Art of Cricket was acclaimed as the most brilliant coaching book ever written and illustrated. Although the finest batsman the world has ever seen, he played his cricket with the creed of keeping it simple and that line of thinking has continued throughout this book.
Despite the passage of time, the book holds the same position as was the case way back in 1958. It is brilliant. Richie Benaud

$ 24.95

The Legend
Released with these stamps is an excellent booklet on Bradman and his cricketing career, written by Colin Fraser and designed by Ian Kerr. 28 pages on heavy card, parts of this booklet can be read on this site by clicking on the The Legend and Statistics icons, or better still, take this one home yourself!
$ 9.95

HURSTVILLE OVAL, A History of Sport and Community by Elizabeth Butel & Tom Thompson (ETT/Kingsclear; $32.95) was launched by Brian Booth & Warren Saunders at the Oval on June 22. This Centenary of Federation history covers sport in the St George area over the last 100 years, concentrating on cricket, rugby, league, AFL, cycling and athletics.

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